Nova, Salt Lake City - Head Judge
Nova discovered the local BDSM group in 2007 and hasn’t left since. Nova identifies as Dominant and a Mistress, she is an artist of many mediums which often shows up in her play, she loves hugs and is a no bull shit/no drama type person and loves to chat over coffee. After a while in the BDSM101 education group called The Path, Nova was invited to the 201 and later the 301 where she graduated and earned her first leathers. Nova won Ms. Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather 2012 and went onto win International Ms. Olympus Leather 2012. While in her title year she represented the IOL title at the SLC & SF Pride Parade 2012 and went onto support other titles at ILSb & community BootBlack 2012, SW Master/slave 2013 & SW Bootblack 2013, was in attendance at Dore Alley 2012, Great Plains Olympus Leather 2012, attended SWOL 2013, RMOL 2013, IMsL & IMsBB 2013, and International Olympus Leather 2013. Nova has been a judge at GPOL 2012, RMOL 2013, IOL 2013, was head judge at the first Person of Leather contest in 2014 for the Rocky Mountain Region, was head judge for Rocky Mountain Person of Leather 2016, judged at International Person of Leather 2016 and is the head judge for Mr Leather SLUT 2018.

Khrysalis, Los Angeles 
Khrysalis discovered the world of BDSM shortly after being introduced to polyamorous relationships. Her curiosity drew her further down the rabbit hole: she began attending munches, classes, and conferences on BDSM (and Leather) around the country.

She had found her home.

Her quest for more knowledge about BDSM and Leather drove her to attend three conferences in 2017. The Master/slave Conference in DC, Weekend Reunion in New Jersey, and Spanksgiving in Killeen, Texas. As she lives in the LA area, most of her experience with munches and clubs has been focused there. In addition to attending clubs and munches in the LA area (where she lives) her travels have enabled her to attend munches in Denver (CO), Killeen (TX), and Salt Lake City (UT).

Throughout her relationships, she displayed humility and a willing heart. She loves to serve and spread joy to those around her.

Profoundly, her exposure to fellow kinksters and Leatherfolk is driving her desire to serve the larger community. She has committed herself to obtain a college degree in psychology and to serve BDSMers and Leatherfolk who are hurting. She sees this as a calling to be congruent with her authentic Path.

Lani, Salt Lake City
Lani is a Salt Lake native. She knew at a young age she was different but didn't understand how tell stumbling into BDSM chat rooms in the 90's at age 14. Form there she found various websites and books to read. Also learned a lot chatting with online Doms' through out her teens and twenties. In 2010 with so big life changing events she moved from Ohio back home to Salt Lake. There a long time friend she had introduced to BDSM and kink got her started in the local community. Its been a long 7 years of back and forth and learning to embrace her leather and kink soul. She is working hard to give back more to the community she cares for so much and has great passion for. She loves watching new people in the community learn and grow and find there true inner joy.
Misty, Salt Lake City
Misty has poked around the Utah BDSM community since 2013 searching for her ideal niche. She found that place when she volunteered as an auxiliary for Utah TNG in 2016, so much so that she decided to join the administration as Minister of Compliance the following year. At that point, she realized that what she craved was a space specifically for women to come together for mutual growth and support. Thus she founded the Utah Valkyries in the summer of 2017. When she's not working on those projects, Misty also volunteers with Utah Sex Positive Education. Outside of kink she is a passionate bookworm that loves discussing relationship dynamics, sexuality, and cats. 
SexyPG, Salt Lake City
SexyPG began her leather journey a few years ago at The Citadel, a dungeon in San Francisco. From the first time the leather of the flogger hit her skin, she was hooked. She soon picked up a single tail and found her calling as a top, with a penchant for sensual single tail scenes. Being of service to community is very important to PG. She is an activist, organizer, and teacher in both her professional and kink worlds. She is the co-chair of the SLC Leather People of Color and Allies group. She is a charter member of the House of Eroticus, whose mission is to provide service to the community. She is dedicated to serving FLOG, The Pasture, people of color and the LGTBQ community. PG’s life values parallel those of Mina Hart’s words on leather. She believes that integrity is the most important characteristic you can have. She has found freedom in this community. Freedom to be herself and freedom to not only accept those who are different from her, but to embrace them. She is now living a more authentic life, respecting and learning from the experience of those who have come before her and hopes to share what she learns with future generations.