Jodi has been a bedrock member of the Leather, BDSM, and Power Exchange community since 2000, and has always been a leader and teacher. Her brand of Leather is kink-inclusive, not exclusive. Jodi established Wasatch Academy for the Refinement of Ladies and Gentlemen of Leather—a finishing school for kinky adults wishing to pursue excellence—and has been its Headmistress since its establishment ( 

Jodi presents internationally to great acclaim. She began and continues to lead the call against rape and intimate partner violence in her community. She is on the board of the Domestic Violence Project for NLA-I and the representative for the Western North America.

Winner of the Jan Lyon award for service from NLA-I, a true Lady both in title and carriage — and above all an amazing ambassador for Leather and Power Exchange, having been involved in a successful and loving poly Power Exchange relationship. She is a popular keynote speaker and is known as the Leather Emily Post. 

Sophia Auzl has been working the drag circuit for 4 years. She is a local drag performer for clubs and reigning Miss Golden spike She loves entertaining the crowd showing her talent. Representing for our Latin Community 
Panda is  a bisexual, poly, lifestyle slave.  She is a classically trained chef and enjoys cooking, baking, and all things candy. Panda is an animal lover and can usually be found interacting with any animal that is in her general vicinity. Panda is co-owner of BlackCatWhips. Panda and her family believe in the motto of "charity, education, and service." She can usually be found teaching classes all around the LA area on various skills including using singletails, M/s Dynamics, slave positions and training, barehanded BDSM and many more. Panda believes that we can all take a lesson from the Minions from Despicable Me in how we should relate to other individuals in life. Also, the quickest way to Panda's heart is either through candy or videos of animals eating stuff. Panda along with her Sir were Southern California Master/slave 2013, Southwest Master/slave 2014, The first Ms. Oil Can Harrys 2018, and Panda won the Ms. Los Angeles Leather 2018 title.


(or "Ali," as s/he is known in the community) has been active in the community since 2012, and has been a frequent instructor in Salt Lake City’s education system of The Path. Unafraid to take on taboo or unpopular topics, class subjects include Sapiosexuality (sexual stimulation and pleasure through intellectual pursuit), The Crossroads of Consent and Kink, and BDSM Branding. In development are classes on Sex Work and Trafficking, and Dynamic Kinkonomics. Ali was also this year’s Las Vegas Journey graduation speaker. A 20+ year veteran of victim advocacy and constitutional balance, Ali is co-developing a national program to expand first responders’ training when addressing power crimes such as assault, rape, and gender/race/identity crimes.

As a strong supporter of autonomy, community involvement, and strong leadership, Ali is proud to be a judge of Ms. Leather SL❤️UT.

Alysha Nicole has been unflaggingly engaged in the Salt Lake City leather community since 2013. She graduated from a three-tiered BDSM & Leather education system in 2016.That same year, she founded a local leather group with her girlfriend called BlackGarter, which is a female empowerment group that's focused on the exploration of feminine, erotic energy in a safe environment. She is a national presenter who routinely teaches classes in her local community and surrounding conferences.When she is not teaching at an event, you can find her volunteering for lead roles within her community. In 2017, she was presented the Dennis Nelson Spirit of Leather Community Service Award for her work in the Salt Lake community. She served as Vendor Coordinator for the inaugural 2018 Utah Leather Pride and was runner up for Ms. Leather SLUT 2018. Alicia is the Co-founder of Heart Guard, established in April of 2018 which is a community network group for those who are seeking support with sexual, emotional and mental health. She is passionate about women's rights and is currently an ambassador for Planned Parenthood Utah.